World of Cake



If you don't feel like anything fancy and just want a delicious home baked cake - then these are for you!



Fantastic with a cup of tea or coffee or as a little treat!


Each cake comes on its own board and with its own box.


9” moist carrot cake (topped with cream


cheese frosting and hand piped






12 generous portions




Cost: £10


8” delicious rich chocolate cake (filled


and topped with chocolate buttercream).


The design is stencilled on with icing sugar.




Servings: 12




Cost: £10

A variant of the 8" chocolate cake, but


with intricate hand piped chocolate






Servings: 12




Cost: £15

Cakes, bakes and lollipops for any occasion

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A vanilla sponge cake in the shape of a


sunflower - decorations are piped


buttercream stars.



Servings: 15-20



Cost: £20